Surveybot is now an official Facebook Workplace Partner

We’re excited to announce that Surveybot is now an official Facebook Workplace Product Partner. Ever since we started supporting Facebook Workplace we’ve seen a lot of interest in using chatbot surveys within companies for HR purposes.

With the Facebook Workplace partnership we’ll be working with the Facebook Workplace team to distribute Surveybot to more companies on Workplace as well as work with the product team on future Facebook Workplace updates.

We see a lot of opportunities to use chatbot surveys in the Workplace as companies are becoming more collaborative and migrate to chat based communications systems. With Workplace we’re able to offer a lot of the same features as we do in Messenger and more.

If you’re interested in using Surveybot with your Facebook Workplace get in touch with us to setup a time for a demo – book a demo.

Humanize your Surveys with new chatbot features

Surveybot has some exciting new features to make your surveys more human to help get more responses! Thanks again to everyone that has shared their feedback with us. If you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch!

Typing Delays

Surveybot now enables you to add delays between your questions in your surveys. You can also use the typing indicator to make your surveys feel more human.

Improved survey designer

We’ve made some big enhancements to the survey designer. You’ll now see multiple controls to the left to add different objects to your survey. You can drag/drop to anywhere in your survey making it easier go back and add questions.

Multi choice custom icons

You can now upload your own custom icons to any of your multi choice options. Just click on the “settings” icon to the right of each multi choice option.

Easier multi choice skip logic

We’ve made it easier for you to setup skip logic for your multi-choice options. Click on the settings icon next to each option and you’ll see the skip logic dropdown in the popover.

Improved Campaigns

It’s now easier to analyze and review the performance of your campaigns. See the number of respondents that have started your campaigns, your completion rates and easily resend campaigns to respondents.

Combine logic

You can now combine jump logic and only send logic for a single question. Jump logic covers where the survey goes to after answering the question and only send logic is to determine if the question should be sent.

Checkbox questions appear in the same window on desktop

Thanks to the latest update from Facebook checkbox, date and time questions now appear in the same window when answering on desktop via Facebook or

Share surveys in Messenger

With the new share survey button type you can now prompt respondents to share the survey with their friends in Messenger. Use it with an incentive to get more responses for your survey. To setup sharing add a “Card” or “Gallery” message to your survey. Then add a button to the message and set the button to “Share a survey”.

We hope you like this update! If you have any feedback or other suggestions please get in touch via email



Surveybot Team

Realtime Question & Message Previews

Surveybot has some exciting new features we think you’ll like! Thanks again to everyone that has shared their feedback with us. If you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch!

As you build your survey questions and messages you will now see exactly what each question or message looks like on Messenger. The Messenger preview will update in realtime as you build your survey.

Realtime page preview

You can also preview what your changes look like on Messenger in realtime when updating your page welcome message, menu and greeting text. Check it out under “Manage Pages”.

Search & Filter

We’ve added the ability to search and filter throughout Surveybot to make it easier for you when working with your surveys and panels. Search across your responses, panel members, surveys, campaigns and more.

Segment Improvements

We’ve made it easier for you to work with your Panel segments. You can now search segments, launch campaigns from a segment and create segment when setting up a campaign.

Segments from CSV

If you are collecting email address from your respondents you can now create segments from within your panels simply by uploading a CSV list or copy/pasting emails from a CSV.

Emoji Questions

We have added a couple of new emoji question types that have a pre-defined scale for you. You’ll see them in the question type dropdown. “Emoji Likert Scale” is a 5 point likert scale and “Emoji Rating” is a 1 – 5 rating.

Limit Responses

If you are using Surveybot to capture responses regularly from individuals you can now limit the number of times they respond to your specific surveys. You can setup a response limit under Settings -> Logic.

We hope you like this update! If you have any feedback or other suggestions please get in touch via email

Rich content chatbot messages & more!

Here’s all the details of our latest Surveybot update for June. This is the first update since launching our beta. Thanks again to everyone that has shared their feedback with us. If you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch!

Rich content messages

We’ve added a bunch of new message types to help you give your surveys more personality. These include Images, Videos, Cards, Card carousels and more. You can check out all the message types here.

Quick replies in messages

Make your surveys more interactive and break up messages using quick replies. Easily add quick replies to any message in your survey.

Only send logic

Setup logic on your questions and messages to only send them based on answers to previous questions in the current survey.

Quiz logic

Set a correct answer value for each of your questions to build quiz logic. Combine with only send logic to only send questions/messages based on the total correct answers.

Trigger campaigns

Trigger follow up surveys or sequences whenever someone completes a survey. Setup delays to schedule the triggered followup at a later time or trigger immediately.


Custom panel fields

Create custom fields for your panel respondents. Populate the fields by linking answers to them and even include the data in your custom integrations and exports.


Automatically tag respondents when they answer your surveys. Setup conditions for each tag to only tag based on the respondent’s answers.

Preview surveys

When designing your surveys you can now preview your survey in Messenger and Workplace. You’ll notice a new “Preview Survey” button on the top right.

Survey builder optimizations

We’ve continued developing our survey builder and have made various improvements to it. You’ll now find that it loads a lot quicker and adjusts to your current position when you’re editing individual questions. We’ve also made the Welcome message more flexible so you can use any of the new rich content messages and quick replies on your welcome messages.

New question content types

You can now add more content types to your questions for surveying content. The new content types in addition to images are video, audio and documents.

New API’s

We’ve added two new endpoints to our API to help you with integrating Surveybot in to your workflows. The new endpoints are:

  • Update Respondent Attributes – This endpoint enables you to set profile and custom fields on a respondent. This is handy if you want to calculate some values in your own system before sending them back to the respondent in a message or question.
  • Campaign Triggers – This endpoint enables you to start trigger campaigns for a specific respondent. Used in conjunction with the update respondent endpoint you can set values before sending a trigger campaign.

Improved Zapier integration

We’ve improved our integration with Zapier so that it now includes:

  • Linking individual question answers to fields in your other systems.
  • Custom fields that you have created for your panels.

We hope you like this update! If you have any feedback or other suggestions please get in touch via email or go and check them out at

Surveybot Beta

We’re excited to announce the launch of our beta. Thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far with their feedback. It’s been very helpful.

Here’s a rundown of all the new features available:

New Question Types

We’ve added some new question types to help make it easier for you to capture your data:

  • Video capture – respondents can send you short video responses from within Messenger.
  • Audio capture – capture audio responses directly from Messenger.
  • Star rating – a simple 5 star rating to see how respondents rate you!
  • Likert scale – easily add a 6 option likert scale to your questions.

Keyword logic

Setup jump logic in your questions for different keywords that appear in a question answer. You can add as many keywords as you like as well as a fallback question to jump to if none of the keywords appear.

Keyword logic

Improved Survey Builder

The Survey Builder is now a lot quicker at loading and saving questions. The Survey builder now paginates your questions which is handy if you have a large survey. We’ve also enhanced the way it saves your questions.

Quick add messages

You can now easily add messages in between your questions as you build your survey. You’ll see a separate button at the bottom of the survey or current question for adding messages.

Copy Questions

A lot of the time when you build surveys you’ll have slight variations of a question occur multiple times. Like using likert scales etc. This can be tedious so we’ve now added the ability to copy questions as you create your surveys. You’ll see the copy button in the top right of each question in the Survey builder.

Copy Surveys

You can now copy an entire survey after it has been created. This is handy if you want to use surveys as templates and create other surveys from them. (the copy survey button is located under the Settings tab on the Design page).

Custom error messages

Set the default error messages and other messages for your survey. This is handy if you want to ensure your entire survey is in another language, or you might want to add more personality to your survey. (you can set your default messages for your survey from the Settings tab -> Advanced)

Messenger Codes

Every survey you create now has a unique Messenger Code that can be used to start it. This is handy if you need people to start your survey when they’re not online like at an event. (you’ll find your Messenger code for your survey under the “Collect” tab).

Segment Panels by Profile Attributes

Profile segments enables you to create segments in your panels based on the profile attributes for a respondent. You can match attributes based on conditions like “contains”, “starts with”, “greater than” and more.

Segment Panels by Question answers

Question segments enables you to segment your panels based on the answers to questions in previous surveys. You can create conditions for as many questions as you want and even segment with questions from different surveys.

Facebook Workplace

With Facebook Workplace integration you can now create and distribute HR surveys across Facebook Workplace to your employees.

Multiple team members

Surveybot now supports multi user accounts. Add as many team members as you like and set parameterized permissions for each team member.

Response notifications

Setup notification users for each of your surveys to receive email notifications whenever a new survey response arrives. (to set up your notifications, from the Design page go to Settings -> Notifications)


Integrate your survey responses in realtime with over 750 apps and any system you need. Surveybot now supports Zapier integrations and has a Data API + Webhooks to do all this.

New website

And last but not least we have a shiny new website. There’s a slick new design as well as a whole lot of content about all the different features Survey bot supports. You can check it out here.

We hope you like this update! If you have any feedback or other suggestions please get in touch via email



Manage your Messenger Pages

Thank you all for your feedback on Surveybot, there’s been a number of updates over the past couple of weeks. We’ll be announcing more updates very soon as well as some major changes to Surveybot. In the mean time check out the new “Pages” module in Surveybot below:

Manage Pages

The new Pages module enables you to manage your Page Messenger experience around your surveys. There are 3 key features which are Greeting text, Welcome messages and Persistent menu.

Greeting Text

The Greeting text is shown to respondents when they first open a conversation with your Facebook Page. Use this if you would like to show a customised message to respondents.

Welcome Messages

Once the conversation with your page has been opened you can send your respondent a series of welcome messages. This can be handy if you have multiple surveys to choose from or want to display content that is relevant to your different surveys.

Persistent Menu

The Persistent Menu enables you to add menu items that appear inside Messenger at all times. Use this to add links to your website, links to start surveys and links to restart previous surveys.

We hope you like this update! If you have any feedback or other suggestions please get in touch via email

Distribute your chat bot surveys

We’re excited to announce the latest major Surveybot update that enables you to promote and distribute your surveys on Facebook and Messenger. There are 2 new modules in Surveybot, Audiences are now known as “Panels” and there’s a new module called “Campaigns”. Check out the details below on how they work:


Panels are made up of respondents who answer your surveys. Each Facebook page that you use for your surveys will have it’s own panel.

Chat bot survey panels


You can segment your panels based on your own conditions. Currently Surveybot enables you to segment based on respondents that have completed or not completed surveys. We’re adding more conditions to segment by but if you need a new condition please contact us.

Chat bot panel segments


Campaigns enable you to distribute your surveys over Facebook. There are 3 types of campagins which are Facebook Posts, Facebook Ads and Surveybot Panels.

Chat bot campaigns

Facebook Post

The Facebook Post campaign enables you to promote your Survey as a Facebook post on your Facebook pages. You can also link existing Facebook posts to your campaigns if you want to create posts outside of Surveybot.

Chat bot Facebook Post

Facebook Post Comments

This is a cool feature with Facebook post campaigns where you can automatically start a Messenger conversation with your Survey whenever someone comments on your post. Try out our example post here.

Facebook Post comment chat

Facebook Ads

This is the most powerful way to promote your survey. In Surveybot you can design the message to be sent to people when they click on your ad. Then create your ad in Facebook and link it to your Surveybot campaign.

Chat Bot survey Facebook Ad

Panel Campaigns

Once you’ve built up your panels in Surveybot you can send surveys directly to your respondents over Messenger using Panel campaigns. You can also send your surveys to specific panel segments. This can be handy for things like incomplete surveys.

Chat bot Panel Campaign

Campaign Performance

Track the performance of your campaigns based on your survey response completion rates. See which campaigns are performing best for your surveys!

Chat bot survey campaign performance

We hope you like this update! If you have any feedback or other suggestions please get in touch via email


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New updates – April

We’ve continued developing Surveybot based on your feedback. Thanks for all your feedback and do keep it coming. Check out the latest updates below:

Email alerts

You can now get an email alert whenever someone responds to your survey. The email contains all the questions and answers for the response.

Survey email alerts

Merge fields

Use merge fields in your questions and messages to include respondent names and other fields.

Survey question merge fields

Messenger codes

If you have an auto start survey you can get respondents to use your messenger code to initiate the survey. Check it out on the “Collect” tab of your survey.

Survey messenger codes

Answer piping

You can now pipe answer values to future questions in a survey. This can be handy if you want to follow up about an answer e.g. “You answered “bannanas” as your favourite fruit….”

Survey answer piping

Survey builder design

We’ve given the survey builder a bit of a facelift. You should now find it more organised and easier to do drag/drop re-ordering.

Survey builder design

Emoji question options

Easily select emojis for your multi choice question options in the survey builder.

Survey options emojis

Image questions

Capture images from respondents with the image question type. Respondents can send images from messenger and they are captured in Surveybot.

Survey image questions

Multi choice echo

We’ve been trying to improve the checkbox question type to make it more intuitive. When someone answers a checkbox question the answer is now echoed back to them in messenger.

Multi choice question answers echo.

We hope you like these changes! If you have any feedback or other question types you’d like us to add please get in touch via email

Decrease Survey Abandonment

Survey abandonment is a huge problem most will face when conducting surveys with their audience. There are a multitude of reasons for this. We’re super excited for chat bot surveys and how the conversational experience can keep respondents engaged to complete surveys.

People are more and more distracted these days so we’re always thinking up new ways to keep respondents engaged with their surveys. We’re excited to announce “Re-engagement rules” for surveys. Re-engagement rules enable you to re-engage respondents at a later date if they start a survey but don’t complete it. Here’s the details:

Re-engagement Rules

From the survey design tab you will now see the “Re-engagement” tab. Here you can add your rules by selecting a time period and entering the message you want to send respondents.

Re-engagement rules

Respondent opt in

When a re-engagement rule triggers the respondent will be asked to opt-in. You can set the text you want to show in the opt-in options in the survey designer.

Re-engagement opt in

Multiple rules

You can setup multiple rules to run at different periods. This is handy for when someone doesn’t complete their survey after the first re-engagement you can follow up again at a later time.

We hope you like these changes! If you have any feedback or other question types you’d like us to add please get in touch via email

Profile fields

We’re excited to announce the launch of Profile Fields. Profile fields allow you to link any question that you ask in your surveys back to fields on your respondents profiles. This can be handy for things like CRM records and ensuring that you don’t have to ask the same questions to your respondents all the time. Check it out below:

Creating questions

Whenever you create a question you can link the answer to a profile field. Just select the “Profile” tab on the question and select the profile field you want to link to.

Profile question fields

Skipping questions

If a respondent already has data for a profile field then the question can automatically be skipped.

Skip questions


Report on profile fields when you export survey or audience reports. Profile data includes default facebook fields like gender, name, timezone as well as Surveybot profile fields.

Profile fields reporting

CRM Integrations

With profile questions linking data back to your CRM is now easier than ever. We’re currently taking expressions of interest for specific CRM integrations. If you would like to integrate your CRM with Surveybot please contact us below.

If you are interested in using Profile fields for custom fields that aren’t including in the Surveybot profile fields please let us know as we’re looking at developing this functionality if our users need it.

We hope you like these changes! If you have any feedback or other question types you’d like us to add please get in touch via email