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Create your own chatbot surveys that
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How it works

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Your complete survey builder and panel management platform.


Create surveys using our chat bot survey builder and seamlessly deploy to Facebook Messenger. With 12+ question types, advanced conversational logic, answer piping, re-engagement rules and loads more features. You can create your very own conversational surveys and get better results from your respondents.

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Build your survey panels of subscribers who answer your surveys using Facebook messenger. Create panel segments to group your subscribers by their profile attributes, surveys completed/incomplete and question answers.

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Distribute your surveys to your respondents in Facebook with Campaigns. Create campaigns to send surveys to your subscribers over Messenger, distribute your surveys with Facebook posts that auto start your survey when someone comments on your post. And target respondents with Facebook Ads to maximise your research.

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Manage your Facebook Messenger experience with Pages. Setup custom greeting text for when respondents first open your page in Facebook Messenger. Create advanced Welcome Messages to give your respondents options and setup your Facebook Messenger menu to link to your surveys and website links.

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Supported Platforms

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Facebook Messenger

Chat bot surveys on Facebook messenger

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Facebook Workplace

Employee chat bot surveys on Facebook Workplace

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Example Survey

Try our example survey on Facebook Messenger to see what it's like.

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