Manage the messenger experience of your Facebook bot.

Manage Messenger Pages

Messenger Appearance

Configure how your page appears inside the Facebook Messenger bot when respondents interact with it.

Greeting Text

Set your greeting text that appears to respondents in the bot for Facebook Messenger when they first open a conversation with your page.

Welcome messages

Create advanced welcome messages to send to respondents when they open a conversation with your page.

Auto-start surveys

Automatically start your surveys via the Messenger bot when a respondent initiates a conversation with your page.

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Custom Welcome Messages

Multiple messages

Send a series of messages to your respondents through the Facebook bot when opening a conversation with your page.

5+ message types

With an array of message types, you can embed different content into your messages.


Use galleries to provide respondents with different links to your surveys.

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Persistent Menus

Manage menus

Create menu items that persist inside the messenger bot for your page.

Website links

Link menu items to pages on your website for respondents to view.

Survey links

Link menu items to start or restart chatbot surveys that you have created for your page.

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