Analyze Responses

Analyze your Facebook survey responses

Question Summaries

Multiple choice questions

Real-time charts of multiple choice questions including Likert scales, emoji ratings, star ratings, and your own options.

Free input

All free input answers are listed for easy analysis including text, image, video and other format questions.

Net Promoter Scores

Net Proter Scores are automatically calculated for you. Your rating along with a detailed analysis of detractors, promoters, and neutrals will be provided.


Individual Responses

Browse individual responses

Easily browse through all the individual chatbot survey responses for any given survey.

Individual surveys

View individual panel members’ profiles and get an overview of all the surveys they've answered.

Individual profile fields

See all the profile fields for any given individual above their survey answers.

Individual response

Export to CSV

Analyze results

Export all of your chatbot survey responses with respondent profile fields and question answers to analyze outside of Surveybot.

Completed responses

Export the responses where every question of the Facebook survey has been completed.

Incomplete responses

Export all of your Facebook survey responses that haven't been completed for closer analysis.

Export to csv

Measure Campaigns Performance

Track performance

Track the performance of your Surveybot campaigns based on the survey response completion rate.

Respondents Overview

Get an overview of all the respondents included in your campaign and the current status of their survey.

Re-send surveys

Manually re-send your surveys to campaign respondents if they haven't completed them yet.

Campaigns new

Real-time surveys dashboard

Weekly responses

Monitor the total responses across all of your chatbot surveys for the past 7 days.

Survey completion rates

Track of all your current surveys and their individual completion rates.

Recent responses

See your latest responses from individuals for all your surveys as they are completed.

Better chatbot surveys responses

Integrate with other Apps

Zapier Integration

With Zapier Integrations you can connect your surveys to send data to over 750 different apps.


Access all widely used CRM systems to integrate survey responses with your Customer Relationships.

Multiple Surveys

Setup integrations for each of your surveys.

Integrations zapier

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