Employee Chat Bot Surveys on Facebook Workplace

Create your own chat bot surveys that
employees can answer inside Facebook Workplace.

How it works

Create your survey
Gather answers from employees via Facebook Workplace
Export your survey responses


Your complete survey builder and panel management platform.


Create surveys using our chat bot survey builder and seamlessly deploy to Facebook Workplace. With 12+ question types, advanced conversational logic, answer piping, re-engagement rules and loads more features. You can create your very own conversational surveys and get better results from your employees in Facebook Workplace.

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Automatically sync your Workplace employees with Surveybot to answer your surveys inside Facebook Workplace. Create panel segments to group your employees based on regions, company departments, their profile attributes, surveys completed/incomplete and question answers.

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Distribute your surveys to your employees in Facebook Workplace with Campaigns. Create campaigns to send your surveys to different employees based on your panel segments. Track the completion rates of surveys from employees and see who hasn't completed your surveys.

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Manage your Facebook Work chat experience. Setup custom greeting text for when employees first open your Surveybot integration in Workplace. Create advanced Welcome Messages to give your employees options and setup your Facebook Work chat menu to link to your surveys and website links.

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Surveybot is used in over 50 countries

Create chatbot surveys

Create your very own surveys to gather insights from your employees in Workplace.