Let your Audience hear what they like

Ace your music research. Create your very own chatbot surveys and tap into the minds of your Facebook audience to find their preferred music tracks.

Play music right within Facebook Messenger

Provide your audience, a survey experience within the comfort of the native Facebook environment instead of clicking a link to an external site.

Let your respondents effortlessly listen to the songs in your survey within Facebook messenger and increase response rates.

Create Music Surveys in a Flash

Conducting a song and music survey on Facebook is now as simple as it can be with Surveybot's intuitive music Chabot survey builder.

Upload your Songs

Upload the songs for your music research survey and create playlists to organize them. Track and reuse by adding unlimited songs into Surveybot's song library.

Survey song

Include Questions

Use our song survey builder to add the messages and questions that you want to ask your audience and get a preview of the music preference questionnaire in real-time.


Segment and send

Effortlessly segment your Facebook audience into primary or secondary listeners and survey them directly via Messenger.


Analyze responses

Analyze your music survey responses in real-time and assess the automatically calculated scores for the target audience.


Exclusive features of Surveybot for Song and Music Surveys

Deploy the special features of Surveybot dedicated to music surveys to understand your Facebook listeners better and improve the response rates.

Unlimited songs upload

Upload as many songs as you like. Track and use them in real-time, whenever you want to conduct a survey to research your listeners' choice of music.

Multiple playlists

Organize your collection of music into multiple playlists as per the research requirements and then survey your target audience.

Perceptual Questions

Choose from our list of pre-built perceptual music survey questions to get relevant insights from your Facebook audience.

Audience segmentation

Leverage panel segments to target the main demographics for your radio station. Segment your audience into primary and secondary listeners and send direct surveys via Messenger.

Automatic song score calculations

Assign points to the individual answers corresponding to each song and auto-calculate the overall score for each song via Surveybot.

Real-time results

Get your music survey results in real-time and analyze the responses easily via Surveybot's powerful dashboard.

Get Better Results to Know the pulse of your Audience

Surveybot lets you build music surveys that can help you procure reliable response rates and play the most popular choice of songs in your radio station.

Target core demographics through Panel segments
Evaluate songs in your survey on a 7-point scale approaches
Obtain real-time report for each song
Gather quickest responses
Garner 50% higher response rates
Test unlimited songs each week in real-time
Survey builder

Be the most popular radio station in town with Surveybot.