Distribute your chatbot surveys

Distribute your Surveys

Multiple campaigns

Create multiple campaigns to promote your surveys in different ways to different audiences.

Track performance

Track the survey completion rate performance of each of your campaigns.

Target panels

Target your panel subscribers directly sending them new surveys over Facebook Messenger.

Campaigns new

Surveybot Panels

Send direct

Send surveys over Facebook Messenger to your panel subscribers.

Custom messages

Create custom messages for each campaign to start your surveys.

Opt in

Customise the opt in buttons given to respondents to start a campaign survey.

Send content

Send images with your campaign messages before starting the survey.

Surveybot panel

Facebook Posts

Create posts

Create new Facebook Posts within Surveybot that link to your survey in Facebook Messenger.

Comment Auto-start

Auto message to start your survey when someone comments on your post.

Link existing

Link your existing Facebook Posts to auto start your survey when someone comments on the post.

Facebook post

Facebook Ads

Link Surveys

Link your surveys to Facebook Ads that automatically start when someone clicks your Ad.

Custom message

Create a custom message to be sent when someone clicks your Facebook Ad to start your survey.


Automatically generate the chat bot JSON to paste in Facebook Ads Manager for your Ad Campaigns.

Facebook ads campaign new


Auto start

Setup to automatically send follow up surveys/sequences on completion of another survey.

Schedule delay

Set your delay period for sending a follow up or send it instantly.

API Triggers

Create custom triggers by using the Surveybot API to trigger surveys.

Trigger campaigns

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