Panel Subscribers


Respondents subscribe to your panels automatically when they answer your surveys.

Page Panels

A separate panel is created for each of your Facebook Pages.

View Summaries

View summaries of subscribers to see their profile information and completed surveys.

Export to CSV

Export panel members to CSV at any time.

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Saved Segments

Build segments

Build segments to group your Panel subscribers for future targeting.

Segment conditions

Add unlimited conditions to build your segments based on survey completion, question answers and profile attributes.

Segment rules

Set your segment to group based on "all" or "any" of the conditions you add.

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Panel Profile Segments

Segment by Attributes

Build segments based on the profile attributes of your panel members.

Segment conditions

Match attributes based on conditions like "contains", "starts with", "greater than" and more.

Custom Attributes (Coming soon)

Create your own customized attributes for your panels to segment by fields unique to you.

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Question Answers Segments

Segment by Answers

Build segments based on your employees answers to previous questions.

Segment conditions

Match answers based on conditions like "contains", "starts with", "greater than" and more.

Multiple surveys

Segment based on questions from any of the surveys you have for your workplace.

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