Survey builder

12 + question types

Choose from over 12 question types that respondents can answer within Facebook Messenger. Check out all question types.

Use your own Facebook pages

Create surveys for your own Facebook pages. Start your survey automatically when someone chats with your page or give respondents a unique link to your page to start your survey in Facebook Messenger.

Messages in between questions

Humanize your surveys by adding messages in between your questions to make your survey more conversational. Add conditional messages to send messages based on previous question responses.

Multi language support

Create your surveys in any language by entering your own content. Customize error messages and page actions to ensure your survey is in the language you want.

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Anonymous surveys

Set your surveys to be anonymous so you can't see who your respondents are.

Content Questions

Send an image with your question to ask respondents about the content.

Merge fields

Add merge fields to questions and messages to include respondent attributes like their name.

Restart keywords

Setup keywords so that respondents can restart at any time.

Email notifications

Get email notifications in real time when respondents complete their surveys.

Question validation

All question types are validated in real time to ensure your data is valid.

Custom error messages

Setup custom error messages for when an invalid answer is sent for a question.

Re-order questions

Drag-drop re-ordering of questions makes it super simple to build your surveys.

Survey Logic

Auto start survey

Start your survey automatically when someone opens a conversation with your Facebook page.

Custom survey revisit rules

Configure how your survey should handle when a respondent returns to resume or start again.

Jump logic

Add jump logic to your questions to control which follow up question to go to.

Keyword logic

Add jump logic based on keywords that appear in open ended questions.

Answer piping

Pipe answers from the previous questions in to the following questions.

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Only Send Logic

Previous answers

Enables you to only send a question/message based on answers to previous questions.

Realtime qualification

Qualify respondents in realtime before sending the question/message in your survey.

Unlimited conditions

Add as many only send conditions as you want to your questions.

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Re-engagement rules

Increase completion

Re-engage respondents who don't complete their surveys to help increase completion rates.

Specify period

Specify the period for when the message is sent.

Add multiple rules

Add multiple message at different periods to ensure your survey is completed.

Custom messages

Customise the message that is sent to your respondents.

Opt in

Customise the opt in buttons to get the respondent to start or deny the re-engagement message.

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Question summaries

View summaries of question answers including charts for multiple choice question types.

Export to CSV

Export completed or incomplete survey responses to CSV at any time.

Data Integrations

Integrate with all your third party apps without the need for any coding using Zapier, Data API or Webhooks.

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Unique survey link

Each survey has it's own unique link to start in Facebook Messenger, a short link also included.

Unique messenger code

A unique messenger code is created for every survey so that respondents can scan and start their surveys.

Send via Messenger

Send your surveys directly to your subscribers over Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Ads

Create Facebook Ads to acquire responses from your own targeted audiences on Facebook.

Facebook Posts

Create Facebook Posts to acquire responses from your Page audience on Facebook.

SMS (Coming Soon)

Use SMS short codes to get your survey distributed to your existing audience members.

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Panel Questions

Link question answers to Panel subscriber attributes e.g. email address.

Auto fill Questions

Automatically fill answers to Panel questions if the respondent already has the information in their profile.

CRM Integrations

Integrate your survey response data in real time with your CRM using Zapier, Data API or Webhooks.

Browse Responses

Browse your individual responses within Surveybot.

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